Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jennifer Rush - Heart Over Mind

Here's an obscure blast from my past. It was 1987 and I still wasn't legal. I remember seeing this video at Christopher Street, Bulldog Road and the quintessential video bar Sidetrack in Chicago. I especially particular sloppy (in more ways than one) nights at Christopher Street. Oh those were the days.

Oh BTW she did this one before Celine but not before Laura Branigan

Friday, September 26, 2008

Face to Face - Under the Gun

I was going through my stacks and stacks of vinyl to convert into MP3s for my iPod and came across this 12" 

Face to Face - Under the Gun (1984)

I so totally remember it like yesterday. I was but a wee child of 17 (1984 you do the math) and saw the video at one of those special social places I wasn't supposed to be in. I was a naughty child. But to quote Janis Ian "I learned the truth at 17". And like Janis Ian I became a lesbian except I didn't like chicks. Oh the sweet blossom of youth.  

Expect a lot more post like this as I journey through the music of my virginal (riiiiiiiiiiiiiight) youth.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm On MOG

I discovered MOG.com 
I just love Moosax so now I can find more 

Oooh I almost forgot. I got me one of those USB turntables.
Now I have over 40 crates of records to go through. I hope to convert my favorite tracks to MP3. 
Can't wait.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


OK so I have this blog.
I just deleted it by accident thinking it was another blog I have under another account. 
Stupid that I am I wasn't logged into that account to delete it. 

Doi I deleted this one. Just when I got it looking the way I wanted. 
Oh well I guess I'll have a new fresh slate.

More later