Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Big Gay Adventure

After I found Facebook, I've been focusing on that so I haven't been update my blog. This being Gay Pride Weekend in Chicago (Oops now you know were I is) and with the passage of gay marriage in New York, Besides the fact I ain't getting any younger or prettier (big saddy face) I thought I 'd share my big gay adventure through video clips. I was inspired to do this as I was on my commute home (11pm) listening to my jams (Apollonia 6 - Sex Shooter) and four good looking young guys got on the bus (19 - 20 maybe definite early 20s) I wasn't sure if they were gay but they acted like it hanging on each other and some junk. I got to thinking "What a long way we've come in just a short 28 years when I first started my adventure as a young homo in music. So lets take a ride. BTW I was 15 when the juices started bubbling. (Shit now you know how old eye is)

we start with what inspired this little... wait Big Gay Adventure

Apollonia - Sex Shooter

Next up my early years or Music is My Life (well becomes my life)

First Published Work

I wrote this for a new local weekly gay magazine  in Chicago 1994 called Babble. I am happy to say I can claim Publish Writer to my life's achievement. Its a music column written as a 14 year old girl's diary. The picture is from a 1970s Seventeen magazine the publisher had in his possession and we were stopped dead in our tracks by the picture. The picture was in their letter's to the editor column or an advice column I can't remember. We created this character around the picture and came up with Hanna. I wrote the column for about 10 weeks and always hours before the deadline.