Friday, September 26, 2008

Face to Face - Under the Gun

I was going through my stacks and stacks of vinyl to convert into MP3s for my iPod and came across this 12" 

Face to Face - Under the Gun (1984)

I so totally remember it like yesterday. I was but a wee child of 17 (1984 you do the math) and saw the video at one of those special social places I wasn't supposed to be in. I was a naughty child. But to quote Janis Ian "I learned the truth at 17". And like Janis Ian I became a lesbian except I didn't like chicks. Oh the sweet blossom of youth.  

Expect a lot more post like this as I journey through the music of my virginal (riiiiiiiiiiiiiight) youth.

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ousslander said...

Having flashbacks to parachute pants and fat laces in my addidas.