Sunday, June 26, 2011

Color My Love (all kinds of ways) the semi finals (NSFW?)

Continued from Music is My Life (well becomes my life)

 I experienced a lot of "growing up" with my friends. I got drunk for the first time and I tried pot for the first time. (I hope mom don't read this). I racked up quite a bit of "experience" but no naughty time yet.  I did discover that sticky white ooze boys do at that age. As a kid with a single mom in the Reagan 80s sex, I knew what sex was on an acedemic level but not on the physical level. I think most guys who have story about trying to break the code on the cable box to see the naughty stuff.  For Chicago it was

Ontvlogo.jpg (182×60)

and you could see stuff if you fiddled with the pan nob on your TV.  Oooh I just saw some titties (meh). WHere are the guys? I want to see guys. Of course now day these movies would have been on Cinemax. They were tittialting at the time to a 16 year old now they would be considered soft core.But I digress.  I would go through the motions of "exlpore my body" I did some weird shit trying to figure out what felt good. Still nothing. I felt like Are You There God? It's Me, Keith. When is it my turn? Oh and I even read my sister's copy of Forever I read Harold Robbins' Goodbye, Janette. The protagonists uncle was the antagonist and of course he was GAY. And of course he was into S&M and beat Janette. But its saving grace was Jenatte was a lesbi/bi and a became a successful fashion designer. That's all I remember 28 years later so don't quote me on it. Once again I digress. I had this MASSIVE celeb crush on Duran Duran at the time. OMG who didn't. And I loved the Rio album again who didn't but I actually liked the Duran Duran album more. 


Coming up Color My Love (all kinds of ways) The FINALS!!  (NSFW?)

Music is My Life (well becomes my life)

Continued from Big Gay Adventure

Now as a kid I always a hankering for music. My sisters were into all that wonderful seventies pop like Abba, the Osmonds and the like. My brother loved the Rock & Roll which i never appreicated until I was a profession DJ. It was a nice pallette cleanser from all that house, trance, techno and Thunderpuss, Junior Vasquez, Calderone boom de boom. Matter a fact in the early oh ohs I purchased the whole 25 volume Have A Nice Day   series on Rhino but thats another share. Anywho, where was I?... oh yeah... I was 16 in had my first job and I discover in 1983 a little show called MV3 with Richard Blade. For those of us without cable and MTV i was a godsend.

And discovered this little gem.

Yazoo - Don't Go

 I wasn't sure if liked it. I loved the music but I thought Alison Moyet looked like a dude. A real girly dude. I decided I love it. It fascinated me. Mind you I knew what gay was and I knew I was it so I didn't quite know what to do with what I saw.

Another treat.
Toto Coelo - I Eat Canibals
Who'd a thunk? Trash bags for clothing? and so colorful too

 I had a K-tel record called The Beat at the time.
If it was a little bent I was digging it. I was stuck with Friday Night videos because we couldn't afford cable at the time. 

I some how made friends with twin girls in high school and they were a huge influence on how my life would turn out later. They introduced me to the alternative musics and most importantly the queer. Mind you this was the earlier 80s and AIDS was just started becoming a problem however nowhere near Chicago at least at 16 I didn't know, but this kind of exposure at that time in my life during the time it was was very advantageous.

That's when I was exposed to
Yello - I Love You
What the hell was that!?! I had never heard anything like it and i love love loved it. AND WE ARE OFF!!! out of the starting gate and on the track to follow the rest of my life.

Oh and this one and I still don't get sick of it
Tin Tin - Kiss Me

Up Next  my naughty life begins in Color My Love (all kinds of ways)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Big Gay Adventure

After I found Facebook, I've been focusing on that so I haven't been update my blog. This being Gay Pride Weekend in Chicago (Oops now you know were I is) and with the passage of gay marriage in New York, Besides the fact I ain't getting any younger or prettier (big saddy face) I thought I 'd share my big gay adventure through video clips. I was inspired to do this as I was on my commute home (11pm) listening to my jams (Apollonia 6 - Sex Shooter) and four good looking young guys got on the bus (19 - 20 maybe definite early 20s) I wasn't sure if they were gay but they acted like it hanging on each other and some junk. I got to thinking "What a long way we've come in just a short 28 years when I first started my adventure as a young homo in music. So lets take a ride. BTW I was 15 when the juices started bubbling. (Shit now you know how old eye is)

we start with what inspired this little... wait Big Gay Adventure

Apollonia - Sex Shooter

Next up my early years or Music is My Life (well becomes my life)

First Published Work

I wrote this for a new local weekly gay magazine  in Chicago 1994 called Babble. I am happy to say I can claim Publish Writer to my life's achievement. Its a music column written as a 14 year old girl's diary. The picture is from a 1970s Seventeen magazine the publisher had in his possession and we were stopped dead in our tracks by the picture. The picture was in their letter's to the editor column or an advice column I can't remember. We created this character around the picture and came up with Hanna. I wrote the column for about 10 weeks and always hours before the deadline.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dickensian Feelings for a Modern Age

Goldman Sachs is the Haliburton of the Obama Administration. I guess the U.S. economy ain't enough now they are going for the world. They are the only ones to benefit from QE2 while the U.S. crashes and burns.

The Goldman Sachs theme song, Hell it might as well be Corporate America's theme song

Start singing it now. We may be feeling this soon.

WOW!!! Has it been over a year?

I guess nobody noticed. I did feel better when I vented. So I'll do it for my enjoyment.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bacacion is all I ebber wanted

Tomorrow after 3 hours of work from 2pm to 5pm. I get...

Don't ask why they ain't the originals. but we going to see these people

oh and maybe this

i haven't posted

i should post

Sunday, May 31, 2009

All the years I've heard this song and all the times I've see videos for his other songs. I think I may have only seen this video once. And I used to work at a video bar

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes