Friday, February 20, 2009

What A Beau Hunk?

As a 13 to 16 year I found myself crushin on this guy big time.
Not quite sure why. You tell me. I did like his music.
My newly developing gaydar pinged like crazy when I first saw him on the Kenny Everett Video Show back in the late 70's early 80's on our local channel 32 on Saturday nights.

Here he is. Great Britain's answer to Elvis Presley (I was only interested in the early 80's though he has had a career like Cher over there, a hit in every decade since the 50s). Actually he's the biggest selling pop star in British History. His band the Shadows was said to have influenced the Beatles
It's Cliff Richard

Here's Devil Woman

There was a running joke on Kenny Everett show. Cliff Richard was always trying to perform on the show but Kenny won't let him and finally he relents and lets Cliff sing at the end of the show. Keep in mind Cliff is probably the biggest pop star in England at the time. Unfortunatley I can't find a clip

Here's Dreaming & We Don't Talk Anymore

And the song he sang just to me
A Little in Love

Rumors abound in the U.K. that he may be gay though he live with the man (see below) he denies being gay.

He was, after all, on the soundtrack for Xanadu. It was the skating scene in the multi-sensual uber recording studio.

Here's Suddenly w/ ONJ and All I Ask Of You from Phantom of the Opera w/ Sarah Brightman

So, in the early 80's I wanted him, then when I got my first taste of guys, he was forgotten.
Real boys were so much more interesting.

As I pursued a good time in the clubs, what should I hear like an old lover trying to win you back, at a sleaze party (the predecessor of the circuit and rave scene mostly focusing on downtempo tunes). I hear the song Some People by a very familiar voice that sent shivers down my spine. I was being haunted. Just when I thought it was safe and getting my fill of early Kylie, Rick Astley, and 80s comeback Donna Summer I hear I Just Don't Have the Heart. I think that's when I gave up on Hi NRG and switch to house and techno

Some People and then hopping on to the SAW train I Just Don't Have the Heart

Now finally he's old and does nothing for me until I was in the UK and like an infection that won't go away I bought his autobiography.
Interesting fact: Like Freddie Mercury he was born in India, Hmmm go figure

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