Sunday, March 22, 2009

Woa nelly- Uh Not's so much

This stopped me in my tracks

Thanks Ain't It Cool News

The movie is called Knowing. I hope it is as good as it looks. I can even deal with Nicolas Cage if it is.


The best parts of the movie where the disasters.They were quite chilling. I was disturbed by them
Nicolas Cage was so convincing as a single dad. Oh did I mention he was an astrophysicist. What astrophysicist doesn't have a laptop and scanner? He makes his discovery on a dry erase board. He gets the dates but doesn't recognize the rest of the numbers being coordinates. A computer would have discovered the code imediately.
He was more childish than his kid. I don't get his apeal.
The movie ends with the world being destroyed an his kid (who is deaf BTW) being taken by angel like aliens who pick up two of each animal like Noah's Arc along with "those who hear the call". Of course pop can't go (which makes no sense because he figured out the whole code) and makes the kid board the "ship"

He then goes to Boston, which is in total chaos but he seems to drive right through with no problems. Even if there was no traffic on the road during the last day nobody jumps on his truck or tries to pull him out. He makes amends with his dad who is a Pentecostal preacher. and the world gets destroyed. The Christians will love this.

The last scene is the kid and his little girl (who is the grand daughter of the girl who channeled the code 50 years ago) friend running through a extra terrestrial field on another planet. They are running to this giant golden tree. Yeah ,Yeah I get it, Adam and Eve.

Another thing that's nagging me is why pick the kid, he's been deaf since birth. Sure he has a hearing aid and dad said he's not deaf he just gets words jumbled around, but I would still think they would want a kid who is as genetically perfect as possible.

If I walk away from a movie with these kind of questions, the movie must suck.

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