Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Big Gay Adventure

After I found Facebook, I've been focusing on that so I haven't been update my blog. This being Gay Pride Weekend in Chicago (Oops now you know were I is) and with the passage of gay marriage in New York, Besides the fact I ain't getting any younger or prettier (big saddy face) I thought I 'd share my big gay adventure through video clips. I was inspired to do this as I was on my commute home (11pm) listening to my jams (Apollonia 6 - Sex Shooter) and four good looking young guys got on the bus (19 - 20 maybe definite early 20s) I wasn't sure if they were gay but they acted like it hanging on each other and some junk. I got to thinking "What a long way we've come in just a short 28 years when I first started my adventure as a young homo in music. So lets take a ride. BTW I was 15 when the juices started bubbling. (Shit now you know how old eye is)

we start with what inspired this little... wait Big Gay Adventure

Apollonia - Sex Shooter

Next up my early years or Music is My Life (well becomes my life)

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