Friday, February 6, 2009

Deep in Glamour?

I found this twelve inch the other day and I had a hankering for the video

Malcolm McLaren was always in sync with the times. This was from the late 80's and it inspired Madonna. He was also responsible for incorporating classical elements into pop music.
He was like the Andy Warhol of music.

His influence on music started with the Sex Pistols,
Then he gave us Adam and the Ants and BowWowWow.

He was on the cutting edge of urban trends with Buffalo Girls influence by the then new phenomena of Hip hop, break-dance, and double dutch jump rop with the World Famous Supreme Team Show.

Malcolm McLaren then ventured into classical music with a pop interpretation. I used the music of Pucinni and Bizet set to an alternative dance beat.

He also produced Opera House was the official them for British Airways add campaign from the early 90s. It later inspired Ralphi Rosario La Aria Latina on his 45 Miles of Nerves Cd.
Malcolm McLaren followed that up with a project called Paris with an appearance by Catherine Deneuve. Paris has a classic jazz inspiration


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