Thursday, February 5, 2009

Such a Groovy Chick

I did Beau Hunks
Now for some Groovy Chicks
I am sooooooooooo diggin this chick
I just rediscovered her and her solo stuff is a

I've dug her band Shakespeare's Sister.

The first time I saw a Shakespeare's Sister video was "Your History" at The Revolver in WeHo

I especially loved her in Bananarama. She was my favorite.
She gave a certain "i don't know" to the trio.
She's only shot from the head up in the I Can't Help It video
(my favorite Bananarama song BTW).
She was carrying Dave Stewart's (The guy from the Eurythmics) baby.
She's the devil chick in Venus.

Siobhan Fahey
What a groovy chick!!!

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