Sunday, June 26, 2011

Color My Love (all kinds of ways) the semi finals (NSFW?)

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 I experienced a lot of "growing up" with my friends. I got drunk for the first time and I tried pot for the first time. (I hope mom don't read this). I racked up quite a bit of "experience" but no naughty time yet.  I did discover that sticky white ooze boys do at that age. As a kid with a single mom in the Reagan 80s sex, I knew what sex was on an acedemic level but not on the physical level. I think most guys who have story about trying to break the code on the cable box to see the naughty stuff.  For Chicago it was

Ontvlogo.jpg (182×60)

and you could see stuff if you fiddled with the pan nob on your TV.  Oooh I just saw some titties (meh). WHere are the guys? I want to see guys. Of course now day these movies would have been on Cinemax. They were tittialting at the time to a 16 year old now they would be considered soft core.But I digress.  I would go through the motions of "exlpore my body" I did some weird shit trying to figure out what felt good. Still nothing. I felt like Are You There God? It's Me, Keith. When is it my turn? Oh and I even read my sister's copy of Forever I read Harold Robbins' Goodbye, Janette. The protagonists uncle was the antagonist and of course he was GAY. And of course he was into S&M and beat Janette. But its saving grace was Jenatte was a lesbi/bi and a became a successful fashion designer. That's all I remember 28 years later so don't quote me on it. Once again I digress. I had this MASSIVE celeb crush on Duran Duran at the time. OMG who didn't. And I loved the Rio album again who didn't but I actually liked the Duran Duran album more. 


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me said...

did the same with the cable box in new york. you would try to get in between the stationsyou would still just get a boob.

I had to make do with late cinemax when they would show the Emmanuel movies.

p.s. love the picture